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About Us


With the vision of producing sustainable streetwear fashion that will have a positive impact on our environment, we founded our brand BASGAR in Berlin in 2022.

In addition to fashion & accessories, our main aim is to make a difference. To have the attitude of “doing something instead of complaining.”

We could now talk about plastic islands in the Pacific that are four times the size of Germany, but that wouldn't change the actual problem.

That's why we founded this fashion label for everyone who is passionate about the beautiful things, living in the moment, but still taking care of themselves and our future.

In addition to positivity, progress and belief in goals and dreams, BSGR also stands for belief in a better future.

It's about not feeling bad about consuming fashion, but rather being proud of using fashion to do something good for the oceans and the life in them.

This means innovation through creation.

That's what BASGAR stands for.